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We offer delicious food in a beautiful atmosphere.

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What’s better than a home-cooked meal? One that doesn’t involve you doing the dishes! That’s where we come in. Our food...

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Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Well, expect one that is prepared by expert chefs, using high-quality foods and comes...

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Enjoying a meal can be a very simple or truly meaningful occasion. Holidays revolve around groups enjoying each other’s...

We’re here to treat you to what delicious meals and an enjoyable atmosphere is like in Anchorage, Alaska. Come in or call us today (907) 375-5500.

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As the first choice for restaurant patrons near Anchorage, Alaska, we offer delicious food in a beautiful atmosphere. From appetizers all the way through to desserts, we’ll have you savoring every bite!

At the Downtown Grill, you can easily feast to your heart’s delight with tender meat dishes or simply dine on the lighter side with a plate that’s grilled and steamed. We put the same amount of love in each dish we serve. The menu is broad and diverse so we can certainly accommodate all sorts of meal preferences. If you’re looking for a cozy environment with food you can sink your teeth into, you’ve found it!

Whether on a first date, business meeting, celebrating with a large party or simply dining alone at the bar, enjoying a couple beers, there’s a seat for you. We have plenty of room and friendly staff ready awaiting your arrival. Dress code? Not a chance. The only rule we have is that you walk away thinking about the next time you’ll visit us!

Looking for drinks or cocktails with your meal? We have you covered.

Whether it’s a nice glass of wine to pair with a delicious steak or a burger with a beer, we offer a wide assortment of drinks and a highly knowledgeable staff who can always recommend the right drink, perfect for you.

At the Downtown Grill, we strive to make sure each and every customer walks away impressed by the food and happy with the service. We know that you could easily cook a meal at home so we try to provide you with an experience that is above and beyond anything you would see in your own dining room. Our architecture, lighting, décor, and overall layout were selected to leave you amazed. Come check us out and see for yourself!