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Dining - Sit Back And Enjoy

Dining | Downtown Grill - Anchorage, AK

Enjoying a meal can be a very simple or truly meaningful occasion. Holidays revolve around groups enjoying each other’s company at a dinner table. With the warm and cozy feeling we all get from a well-prepared meal, it’s no wonder it’s the perfect way to enjoy the company of others. That’s the type of atmosphere we sought to create here at the Downtown Grill.

And it was no small task. We’ve invested significant time and energy into creating a dining setting that’s sure to leave everyone coming back. Some of our efforts include:
Comfortable Seating—When dining out, most of us still would prefer some level of privacy at the dinner table. And it’s never comfortable to feel like you’re packed into a small space. We kept that in mind when designing the layout of our restaurant. You have just the right amount of space to grant you privacy while still being close enough to enjoy the benefits of a joyous atmosphere.
Stylish Setting—We have all of the finest upgrades, fixtures, and elegant structures that make our restaurant truly unique. Our interior style flows from one area to the next. We use a combination of lighting, color, and space to give the restaurant a special ambience you just won’t find anywhere else.
Specialized Service—We do more than simply take your order. We coordinate your entire dining experience. From the gracious greeting at the door to personalized dining suggestions, we make sure you receive the specialized treatment you deserve as our valued guest.

This is what we do. All day, every day. We organize the restaurant for your arrival. We prepare the food with hungry customers in mind. We have staff expertly trained to treat you to the perfect meal. Our food will always be fresh and delivered with a sense of our eagerness to please.

It is our pleasure to meet the dining accommodation of each and every customer. We value the opportunity to impress you with our service, food, and atmosphere. We understand that you could eat anywhere in Anchorage, Alaska, and we strive to keep you coming back. So come see what the perfect meal tastes like and visit the Downtown Grill today!